Krthaspecialist | Kode Red is a Connecticut native and industrious hip hop artist boasting several ReverbNation top 20 charting albums. His hit single, titled “S.O.S. (SomeOne Special)”, gets regular play on national podcasts and is featured in his interview with Jan Castillo of WYBC 94.3 FM, an iHeartRadio affiliate. In fact, WYBC keeps several of his tracks on steady rotation, including: “Backs Up Off the Wall”, “Time Again”, “Come to Relax & Chill”, and “How You Luv Dat?” from his last two album releases. Recent recognition includes being named as a New Haven Register, Featured Artist (Feb. 2015).

The latest LP, Skripted (2014) connects to the roots of hip hop and promises a deeply engaged listening experience. Every track drives home a message of social consciousness sweetened by the honey of truly captivating beats. It features an explosion of talent including other New Haven based Indie artists and producers. Kode Red, ever the creative mastermind, personally produced several music videos to accompany the project. Those are presented on the official YouTube channel, while the album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Kode Red is known for his charismatic personae in live performance and he has sold-out notable venues, including Toad’s Place (CT). He feeds on the energy of his fans and, as they say, leaves it all on the floor. Check back regularly to follow his developing 2016 Northeast tour.

Previous releases include the self-titled Greatest of the Mix-Tape (vol 1) album including classics from 2000-2015. Recent and upcoming releases include an EP, “My reign is more than a drizzle”, and mix-tape titled “Kode Reign”. Merchandise will be available soon and until then, you can access exclusive content and teasers on Kode Red’s website:

For inquiries and booking information contact and be sure to connect with Kode Red on Facebook and Twitter.

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